Brew coffee in V60

Pour Over V60: Learn How to Brew Coffee using Hario V60

The spirit of the perfect cup of coffee is in the brewing process. Learning how to brew coffee in a different way than using a coffee machine can be little tricky, or requires involvement of a new manual coffee device like the Hario V60. Hario V60 is the best and easiest way to make a perfect coffee at your home.

Short historical view of Hario V60

Hario, the creator of the V60 dripper, unites science like glass items and coffee into one peace. It is produced in Tokyo in 1921, by creating and offering physical and compound utilize glass items. After 30 years of research, they delivered the Hario Glass. They utilize 100% natural minerals to refine the heatproof glass, making it naturally well disposed. And afterward in 1949, Hario propelled its first home item: a glass channel siphon. By 1957, this had turned into a fabric channel siphon.

The name of the cone originates from the vector 60, in light of the fact that the point of cone is 60. Hario V60 was presented firstly as earthenware and glass, and next as a plastic placed in metal.

The newest release of the Hario V60 brew coffee “device” is made up from Copper Dripper. It was intended for high warm conductivity, because of better warmth maintenance, prompting to a superior extraction.


The V60 is more required on the market in comparison with other different drippers. This is a direct result of the three main elements that V60 contains:


  1. Because of a 60 degree cone shape which allows water to stream to the inside.
  2. A vast single opening: this empowers the brewer to change the flavor by modifying the speed of the water stream.
  3. Spiral ribs: these ascent the distance to the top and allows the air to come out.


The most essential part in the brewing coffee process using V60 is the ability to play with the crush size of the coffee beans and the water stream. If you gradually include water, the outcome will be a full bodied brew coffee. However if you include water more rapidly, it will wind up with a weaker extraction and a lighter-bodied coffee.

The crush beans measure dose can likewise influence the body of the coffee. If you have a little crush measure dose (about the span of table salt), the water won’t go through effectively. This implies:

Constant water stream + little crush dose = medium bodied coffee

Slow water stream + little pound dose = full bodied coffee

Slow and Constant water stream + medium pound dose = light bodied coffee


Brew Coffee V60  – Preparing Tips

Tip 1: The V60 won’t get obstructed unless you utilize a very fine granulate coffee beans. If you put very fine granulate coffee beans then you’ll end up with clogged V60.

Tip 2: Since the V60 comes in 4 different materials, consider the material that you can warm fast. It takes more time to warm the earthenware than the stainless steel, glass, plastic or copper releases.

Tip 3: Pour the water counter-clockwise. This will make more turbulence in the coffee “bed” which will bring a better extraction.

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