Coffee Candy

Coffee Candy: Caffeinated Sweets as a Booster Dose

Cup of coffee or coffee candy? The second choice means you can have it anywhere and whenever you like.

Most coffee candies have real caffeine as one of the ingredients. Also the taste of coffee plays a big role in commanding the brain that it should not rest yet. Especially if you are a coffee drinker, your body will immediately respond to the taste of coffee, as a wake up signal.

No meter whether the coffee type flavor is plain coffee, espresso or macchiato, you will enjoy in this small sweet pleasure.

Bali’s Best Coffee Candy

Balis Coffee Candy

It is deliciously dark, rich and intense. The flavor of this center-filled candy just melts in your mouth. The moment the candy is unwrapped, the coffee’s bold aroma is released. It is product of Indonesia, and the coffee used is Arabica, which originates solely from the Toraja Province in the northern Indonesian Islands, one of the finest growing regions in that area. Arabica coffee from this region is considered by many as the best in the world, prized for its full body, well balanced acidity, and sweet and woody notes. Rooted with a deep sense of cultural history, the coffee has been grown in this region for over two centuries. It is considered by connoisseurs to be among the finest and rarest in the world.

United Coffee Candy

united coffee candy

This candy is crisp and densely rich with nice coffee taste and aroma. Sweet but also with a strong and full sweet coffee flavor. Eating several candies might have the same effect of drinking a cup of premium coffee, perfect for people in need of caffeine on the run. For example, 8 candies as equivalent to the amount of caffeine in a typical glass of iced coffee i.e. 10 mg per candy, assuming that a typical glass of coffee has 80 mg of caffeine. It is product of Thailand, made of high quality roasted Arabica coffee beans and manufactured with advanced technology in a modern facility.


Kopiko Coffee Candy


Kopiko Coffee Candy is the world’s Number 1 selling coffee candy, made from the finest coffee beans, specially blended to give you enjoyment of real coffee without having to brew. It is like having a cup of coffee wherever you go. It is also caffeinated, guessing 10 of these little sweets have the caffeine equivalent of a glass of iced coffee. The candies are available in regular coffee and also in cappuccino flavors. It is also a product of Indonesia, manufactured in Jakarta.

Nestle Nips Coffee Candy


This milk-base hard caramel has smooth and creamy texture with rich coffee taste. It is the next best thing after your daily morning coffee.

Hopjes Coffee Candy


Haagse Hopjes are a type of Dutch candies with a slight coffee, caramel, cream and butter flavor. The characteristic of this candy is that it does not stick and that it does not go soft over time. It is product of Netherlands.

Meiji Chelsea Coffee Candy


If you enjoy the rich, creamy sweetness of butterscotch, Meiji’s Chelsea is the hard candy for you. It is named after the town in South-West London, introduced in 1971, with design that was “English (British)” and “expensive” looking. Remarkably, the design has hardly changed at all throughout the years. Now it looks quite retro-chic. Chelsea is a candy made using a special method that yields a particularly sweet taste. It comes in several flavors, such as butterscotch, yogurt, and coffee flavors. It is product of Japan.


Ferrero Pocket Coffee Espresso


Made by renowned Italian chocolatiers, our Ferrero Pocket Coffee blends your two ultimate cravings: dark chocolate and original Italian espresso. Try a few of these bittersweet chocolate bites infused with an espresso center, and you’ll have no problem staying perky throughout the day. For example, three pieces of Pocket Coffee have the same amount of caffeine as 1 cup of espresso. It is a product of Germany.

Morso Coffee Bars


Our bite-sized coffee bite gives an organic energy boost similar to a cup of espresso. Small enough to put in your pocket, purse or pack, you can get your caffeine boost anytime, anywhere. The name means the bite in Italian, is a new, solid form of coffee. Though the concept of coffee being treated like chocolate is hardly new and it’s very rarely implemented. The bite is easy, this is very similar in texture to a chocolate bar. The melt is easy and fast, but not too slick. There’s a slight chalky texture, like that sludge at the bottom of a cup of coffee, but this is by far the smoothest coffee item I’ve had. The sweetness is there from the sugar, but it’s very clean and just enough to moderate the more intense bitterness from the coffee. There are three different flavors in their current line: Americano, Coffee & Cream and Mocha.


Of course, nothing can replace a nice real espresso, but think of these sweets as “booster doses” –or something to keep the caffeine levels high through the day after your morning coffee(s).

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