Best espresso coffee beans

What is espresso and why is it so popular?

Espresso is coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. Through this pressurized brewing process, espresso is more thicker than coffee brewed by other means, has higher concentration of dissolved and suspended solid and a crema which is emulsified oil that produces bold and smooth flavor.

In fact, espresso has higher concentration of flavors and chemicals than any other coffee brew. Besides, espresso beans are roasted longer than other coffee beans so as to bring oil to the surface.


It can be said that espresso is nutritive because it has significant contents of the dietary magnesium mineral, vitamin B niacin and riboflavin. But it must be known that there is no difference between regular and espresso coffee beans.

Espresso coffee beans

Espresso is more of preparation right from harvesting to roasting. Even a high quality espresso machine cannot change the taste of poorly roasted espresso beans. In this regards, best espresso coffee beans must be chosen for exquisite taste. Again, it must be noted that there are two main types of coffee, Arabica and Robusta, and also some blends are available from which high quality espresso beans are obtained. The quality for best espresso coffee beans also depends on freshness. The fresher the better.


Favorable climate for growing coffee beans

Optimally, coffee does well in altitude of 1800 – 1600 feet, temperature of 16 – 24 degrees Celsius and a well drained soil. But if you are growing your own coffee at home, and you cannot meet this requirements, a greenhouse will be handy.

As earlier said that there is no plant that grows espresso. The beans used are blends that produce best coffee beans for espresso. From regular coffee, the espresso beans are roasted until they get darker and oily at the surface. And getting best espresso coffee beans requires one to pick the right type of coffee beans, preferably high altitude Arabic coffee. The roasting also determines the taste. Typically, dark roasted espresso beans are considered the best.

Best espresso coffee beans

  • Koffee Kult Coffee Beans – DarkRoasted
    These are very delicious best coffee beans for espresso. Furthermore, it has genuine Arabic coffee beans and are very quality. They also have unique savory taste, flavor and aroma. Even during grinding, these espresso beans give a person an unforgettable experience because of its aroma. Ensure that your espresso machine is good and clean and you will get a quality cup of espresso coffee. Also ensure that you hone your culinary skills. This is because the quality of your espresso coffee depends on how you prepare it.
  • Espresso Lavazza Super Crema – Whole Beans
    This is a blend of Arabic and Robusta beans. These beans have a creamy layer, a great flavor and delicious aroma. The coffee has a high levels of crema and is very good in preparing lattes and cappuccinos. The beans are very fresh and its quality undoubted. With these beans, there is neither caramel taste nor chocolates. These beans can also be used in flavoring with vanilla or cocoa apart from the crema that makes the lattes.
  • Kicking Horse – Whole Bean Coffee
    They are also very tasty and has less crema levels, more denser than other coffee beans and smaller in size. They are also has an exquisite taste and aroma.
  • The Bean Organic Coffee Company Whole Bean
    Are freshly European roasted espresso beans. Very tasty and aromatic and rich in antioxidants.

How to make Espresso Coffee

  • Have roasted fresh espresso beans. The fresher the better
  • Grind the espresso beans. Ensure that you have a quality grinder machine like Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine, Jura Impressa F8 Espresso Machine or Delonghi Pump Espresso Machine.
  • Filter water and heat to to about 90 degrees Celsius. This ensures that important elements are extracted from the espresso beans.
  • Measure the right amount of finely ground beans. 1/4 ounce for a shot.
  • Put the measured amount of ground beans and water to grind.
  • Pack the grind into portafilter of the espresso machine
  • Wait for 5-10 seconds for the first drop and 20-25 to get enough to make one or to ounces


Coffee is a good source of nutrients. But getting quality coffee beans is a must for you to get the best taste and flavor. Get them fresh and you will enjoy and get a memorable experience.

best espresso coffee beans


Have a nice coffee 🙂

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