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31 Ways to Drink Coffee Around the World

Despite standard worldwide known espresso drinks like macchiato, cappucino, latte, etc. stay impressed with these international espresso coffee drink variety, presented on the infographic. Lets virtually travel around the world and see interesting cultures of how to drink coffee. For sure you would not resist to drink coffee with cinnamon, but be brave and try espresso coffer drink with honey or egg or lemon.

Most Interesting International Coffee Facts

  1. Usually, in Italy drink coffee with milk in the morning and NEVER after the breakfast or other meal.
  2. Irish coffee was invented in 1942 with purpose to brighten the passenger mood when it is raining.
  3. The oldest coffee shop Caffe Florian, was established 1720 and it is still in use today.


Drink Coffee around the world

Image source: Cheap Flights


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